NBCCI activates Nigeria-Brazil Direct flight soon

Nigerian Brazilian relationship if properly harnessed could generate value greater than what is presently achieved in the country’s relationship with China, as Brazil is projected as the global 5th largest economy by 2025.

The country ranks alongside China, India and Russia as countries developing rapidly with similar economic potentials.Huge export potential exists for Nigerian business owners, the creative industry, products, raw materials, and services that are in great demand, as Brazil and Nigeria work toward the global economy center stage.

Today, Brazil is running a fast growing surplus on its trade account. Its exports are booming and growing at a faster rate than China in a range of products, from Soyabean, aircrafts, mining, computers and presently ranks as the global 8th largest economy.

In their growth pursuits and potententials, Brazi needs Nigeria as Nigeria also needs Brazil. To harmonise and galvanize trade and socio-cultural relationship between the two countries, the Nigerian Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NBCCI) has not only initiated moves to fast track movement within the two countries, by reducing time and cost of flight, but also working to ensure seamless communication between citizens of the two countries with establishment of Portuguese language Institute in Lagos, Nigeria.

Remarkably, the Nigerian Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NBCCI) has called on the Nigerian Business community and entrepreneurs to explore the potentials inherent in the Nigerian Brazilian relationship to grow their businesses and the nation’s economy, as more and more investment opportunities, rewarding trade relations open for Nigerians.

President, NBCCI, Dr.Alexander Chukwuka Okafor Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Chikason group of companies, made the call recently in Lagos during its board meeting held at the Chambers office in Ikoyi Lagos.

Dr. Okafor disclosed that effort at enhancing the Nigerian Brazilian business relation is getting a boost, as he has commenced effort to ensure that Nigerians travelling to Brazil , or Brazillians visiting Nigeria enjoy a direct flight experience to and from Nigeria, instead of the prevailing long tortuous flights which takes travellers to China before getting to Brazil.

He said that the direct Nigeria-Brazil Flight which is being worked out by Peace Airline, will be economical to travellers and also save travellers time which is of essence, adding that presently a journey that could have taken eight hours direct flight from Nigeria, presently takes 14 hours travelling from Nigeria to Brazil. The flight first gets to Wuhan in China, before touching down in Brazil.

“’With direct flight, travellers will have to spend only eight hourse for the same journey that usually takes 14 hours. With this, we want to create more value for our members and our business partners coming from Brazil.

“ I have engaged in discussion with Air Peace for direct flights from Nigeria to Brazil . from here to Brazil is eight hours, but form Doha route to Brazil, it takes 14 hours”

He said that in addition to ensuring a direct flight to Brazil, NBCCI has also entered in partnership with the consulate to establish a Portuguese language learning centre for the benefit of Nigerians with intention of visiting Brazil or doing business with them

“’ We have a Portuguese language learning centre here in our Lagos office for people who want to learn Portuguese, the language spoken in Brazil” Chief Okafor said.

“ Brazil is a country I believe if we package our products and and business prospects very well, we are going to benefit so much through trades, and export of some of our products that are in great demands in that country and as well, interact with their business community , most of whom want to do business with Nigerians.

According to Chief Okafor, NBCCI is always poised to widen and facilitate the scope of bilateral business , economic and cultural cooperation between both countries. Nigeria is the second largest commercial partner of Brazil in sub-saharan Africa and the 11th in the world , and the chamber in pursuit of great business opportunities to further enhance mutual benefit of the two countries, appointed a country representative in agreement with the Invest Barana project of the Brazilian state of Barana.

“ The representative in this international business, connects Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Kenya. The State of Barana in Brazil for instance , we have a lot we can benefit as members of NBCCI” said Dr. Okafor, NBCCI President.

He said that part of the resolutions reached at the recently held board meeting , was amongst other issues, the NBCCI breakfast meeting and Annual General Meeting (AGM) which have been scheduled to hold in Abuja on November 18th,2023.

The AGM , he said, will hold the same day after the breakfast meeting, which is expected to see in attendance, the cream de la creme of the Nigerian business community. diplomatic corps, members of NBCCI as well as intending members.

The chamber is always poised to facilitate and widen the scope of bilateral business economic and cultural cooperations between two countries . This it is doing through seminars , trade exhibitions , well organised trade missions, breakfast meetings ( AGM), circulation of investment information , identification and sourcing business partners and products for its members amongst other services…

The chamber does not just serve as a vibrant and strong platform for information on commercial and investment opportunities, it also serves as link and instrument where and when necessary , to facilitate the acquisition of export/ import and customs tariffs for any protocol agreement signed by Nigeria and Brazil and the BRIG groups.

Therefore companies, individuals who are already doing business with Brazil and those intending to do so are all welcomed to identify and register with the chamber, not only as a recognised institution , but for the benefits of shared interaction and cooperation to positively impact and uplift their business objectives as well as protecting mutual interests.

Brazil is latin America’s largest country and the fifth most populous in the world with 193 million people. Its economy is forecast to grow by 6.5 per cent last year. The country had a social welfare scheme introduced by President Lula Da Silva which has transformed the lives of millions of its people, even as there still remain eide gap between the rich and the poor..

Future economic power.

Brazil’s perennia title of ‘- country of the future’ has become something of a cliche’ its political and business leaders are confident that it is on course to become thr world’s fifth largest economy by 2026.

Brazil is bracketed by India, China and Russia as a grouping of countries developing rapidly and with similar economic potentials.

IMF forecasts have shown how their comparative GDP/ purchasing power parity figures could grow over the next five years with Russia and Brazil having the upper hand.

Today Brazil is running a surplus on its trade account. Its exports are booming and growing at a faster rate than China in the range of products from Soya to aircrafts, from mining to computers, Brazil is currently the eight largest economy globally.

Uzo Ebejuo, Promoter / ex-officio of the Chamber told our correspondent that NBCCI stands to benefit entrepreneurs, businessowners, manufactures, and other sectors of the economy , as membership status exists for both corporate memberships and individual memberships.

He said that the Chamber’s president, Chairman, CEO,Chicason Group has at least five of its subsidiary companies registered as members of the NBCCI, as he urged other business owners to tap into the ever increasing opportunities inherent in NBCCI, and of being a member of the chamber.

Ebejuo said that the chamber is always committed to strengthening the scope of mutual business , economic and cultural cooperation between Nigeria and Brazil. This the chamber is doing throughTrade exhibitions, Breakfast Meetings, Business Meetings, Annual General Meeting (AGMs), circulation of investment information, identification and sourcing of business partners, products for its members, amongst other beneficial services.

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