Aleph Announces Exclusive Partnership with Audiomack in Nigeria and Ghana

Aleph, an ecosystem of global digital experts and technology-driven solutions that connects thousands of advertisers with billions of consumers worldwide, is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with New York-based audio streaming platform Audiomack. This collaboration positions Aleph as Audiomack’s Authorized Sales Partner in Nigeria and Ghana, underlining Aleph’s commitment to enhancing its presence and strategy in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

On December 5, Audiomack unveiled its groundbreaking partnership with Aleph at a vibrant pop-up event dubbed #AudiomackHouseLagos. This immersive music and education gathering brought together key players in the music industry to celebrate the thriving Nigerian and African music scenes, while also highlighting Audiomack’s remarkable contributions to the sector over the years.

Speaking at the Audiomack House Lagos event, David Ponte, Co-Founder and CMO, Audiomack, said, “we are thrilled about our partnership with Aleph. Our music service’s rapid expansion across Africa, with millions of engaged users, makes aligning with Aleph a strategic move to enhance our ability to offer tailored, impactful advertising solutions to our clients. Aleph’s expertise in digital advertising, combined with our platform’s reach, creates an ideal synergy for brands seeking to engage with the vibrant markets of Nigeria and Ghana.”

“Moreover, our partnership with Aleph offers an exceptional opportunity for our advertising clients in these markets to capitalize on our unparalleled reach and connect with their target audience. Additionally, this partnership will empower artists to enhance their earnings and elevate the overall music experience for our users,” Ponte emphasized.

To enrich both user experience and artistic expression, Audiomack also launched Rewarded Ads, an offering that grants users ad-free listening time, allowing them an uninterrupted music streaming.

Reflecting on the essence of this partnership, Stephen Newton, Aleph SSA Regional Director stated, “This collaboration with Audiomack is a strategic alignment that propels our mission forward in connecting advertisers with diverse, engaged audiences. Our focus on localizing advertising content ensures that brands can effectively reach and resonate with their target demographic in Nigeria and Ghana.”

The Audiomack House Lagos event began with a fireside chat facilitated by Motaloni Alake, the Label & Marketing Manager, Virgin Music Nigeria, featuring a team of Audiomack panel – David Ponte, Charlotte Bwana, Vice-President of Marketing, and Felix De Jong, Senior Marketing Manager, Europe & Electronic, highlighting Audiomack’s commitment to empowering artists and other stakeholders within the music space.

Following the session, there was also a fireside chat moderatorated by Wale Ozolua, Manager, Content Operations Audiomack Africa, featuring a panel of industry experts, including Joshua Iyamu, Manager, Content Strategy Audiomack Africa, Bizzle Osikoya, Co-Founder, The Plug, Osi Dirisu, Director of Programs, Beat FM and Osagie Osarenz, Director, African Operations, ONErpm Africa.

A vibrant energy pulsated through the room as throngs of music enthusiasts gathered for an evening of immersive sonic experiences. The dance floor pulsated with life, and the air buzzed with an infectious rhythm, courtesy of DJ Optimixx, DJ Yin, and DJ Shawn, who masterfully orchestrated a seamless blend of chart-topping Nigerian tracks.

As the night deepened, the stage transformed into a dazzling showcase of Nigeria’s burgeoning musical talent. Pawzz, Qing Madi, Crowd Kontroller, and Crayon captivated the audience with their electrifying performances, delivering a medley of hit songs that left the crowd spellbound.

This collaboration will leverage Aleph’s deep expertise in crafting targeted and impactful campaigns and Audiomack’s robust platform teeming with engaged users, creating an unparalleled landscape of opportunity for brands and agencies across the region.

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